Whalen Tv Stand

Whalen Tv Stand

Whalen Tv Stand

I’m going to be reviewing the Whalen TV stand. This thing is pretty darn big. That is a 55 inch TV, and hopefully, that gives you guys some perspective because thecamera doesn’t really do it justice, just how long this thing is. Now, I was using this old TV stand I had laying around, and just was not capable of holdingthe new big TV, so I got something new. This is something you can purchase at Walmart for about 130 after tax, and assembly-wise,it’s pretty straightforward and clear-cut.Having two people obviously will definitely help.Some things to note, the surfaces here that are black are made of glass and they’re heldin by suction cups.They get put on underneath the metal frame here.

Obviously, we got three levels of metal frame, and this nice kind of dark stain wood witha chrome finish that goes through. Let’s talk about the mounting situation for the TV because it does come with this giantpole and everything you need to mount your TV to it. The pole down here does more than just hold the TV, and it’s optional, you don’t haveto use it but it allows you to route wires through the pole. There’s also these things in the back if you look right there, you can wrap wires aroundto keep them more tidy so they’re not just loose and all about. I have got some more wire managing to do myself, but the nice thing is it allows you to dothat wire managing relatively easily. Looking at this right here, I got this because I needed a way to raise the TV up and alsohave room for my sound bar which is pretty wide in itself.

The quality of the product worth every penny, the construction is immaculate for the price. I was pretty hesitant on spending really more than like 50 bucks on a TV stand, becauseyou can get cheap TV stands made of wood, but the price is very well justified withthis. When you see this in person, it is so good looking, that you’ll want to buy the accessoriesthat allow you to- they’re like shelves, in the same style as this curved wood and colorand everything. You can go put by the sides, and I might actually do that because this is pretty nice. Once again, the construction, it’s really good, the metal is pretty beefy. Especially on the back where you mount on the TV, mounting everything was super easy,there is extra screws left over.

It gives you a ton of different screws for different TV mounts, well, different TVs withdifferent size screw holes for mounting. Comes with all the brackets, and I mean there’s really not too much to say other than it’selegant, it looks incredible in person. It’s built really well for the price, it is a fantastic purchase, and I’m not the onlyone who thinks so. I looked on Walmart, there is a lot of really good reviews of this thing. The only thing that I would suggest is get it at the Walmart store, have it shipped tothe store if it’s not in stock because these glass panels right here, they are strong andsturdy, but some people have had during shipment, these glass panel shatter and that’s not good.Now, obviously you don’t put something like a big old tube TV on this, modern flatscreensare pretty lightweight nowadays.

It does have a maximum weight and you really don’t want to exceed that, because like Isaid, it’s made out of glass.It is tempered glass but so long as everything you’re putting on it is modern, it’s got apretty modern sleek look to it. Like I said, I need to do some more cleaning and wire managing here, but everything looksfantastic. We got it put together in about an hour, hour and a half but that was me and a friend doingit. We weren’t super focused on the task, I’m just doing this one thing though, so you canprobably get it put together a lot easier. If you’re wondering, to give you a comparison level of construction, like if you comparethis to IKEA instructions, this is miles and miles ahead of ease of understanding the instructions.

It’s really simple, it’s really straightforward. You’re not going to have a problem, it comes with most all the tools you need. he only thing that it doesn’t come with is a Philips head screwdriver, and you’re onlygoing to need that if you decide to use the optional TV mount that goes on the back here. Like I said that pole that the TV sits on, or it’s screwed into with the mount. You don’t have to use that, that’s totally optional because, for instance, I took mylittle feet off. I was originally just going to have it sit on the table there, or on the TV stand, butI opted to do the mounting option, I think it looks really good. That’s my little blurb, it’s good, I am surprised at how good it is, and that doesn’t happento you often so definitely worth the price.

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