Sterling Shower Doors Installation Instructions

Sterling Shower Doors Installation Instructions

Sterling Shower Doors Installation Instructions

This installation will demonstrate step by step Sterling Shower Doors Installation Instructions before starting work protect the shower base from damage by covering it with cardboard or similar material and tape over the shower drain to prevent loss of screws or other small parts. The first step is to assemble the curved frame two people are required The post with the magnetic strip is to be on the side that the sliding glass door is on using the M4X35 screws assemble the two post to the bottom horizontal rail. Install gaskets on the top and bottom of the fixed panel using the glass clips to determine the starting point for gasket next insert the fixed panel in the groove of the wall post without the magnetic strip ensuring that is fully inserted into the groove.

Next, use four M4X35 screws attach the top horizontal rail to the post using the M4X12 screws secure the two glass clips to the top and bottom horizontal rails next insert the fixed panel gasket into the gap on the inside of the fixed panel and post start about three inches from the top and press the seal in working down the panel then press in the remaining three inches portion of the gasket at the top of the panel. A helpful hint is to press against the gasket with a wooden dow and slide along the length of the fixed panel. Finally, trim any excess gaskets as needed. With the shower base and walls installed use a level placed at the outside edge of the shower base to mark a vertical line on both sides and position the wall post one and one-eighth inch from the drawn line.

Ensure that the wall post is plumb then mark the location of the mounting holes on the wall. Remove the post and using a one-quarter inch drill bit drill holes where the marks on the wall. Install the wall anchors and plugs use the M4X35 flat screws and fasten one wall post to the wall. Repeat the process for the second. Section 3, fitting the frame assembly into the shower opening two people are needed to accomplish these steps successfully. Place the completed frame on the shower base and insert the ends into the wall posts. Ensure that the frame is centered on the shower and that the frame is fully inserted into the wall post.

If at this point of the installation of the sliding door needs to be changed to the other side of the enclosure the frame needs to be rotated 180 degrees and the top and bottom rollers on the sliding door must also be swapped if the rollers are not exchanged they could release from the track and the door may swing out from the track. Most importantly the bottom rollers are not intended to support the door not exchanging the top and bottom rollers could result in the door breaking. Section four, installing the sliding door panel into the frame. Place the top rollers in the top horizontal rail. The next step is to pull the bottom hooks down and insert them into the bottom rail. Install the knob handle set on the sliding door panel as shown here.

Next install the side gaskets on the side of the panels ensuring that the flange on the gaskets face the other panel. Section six, fixing the frame to the wall post. Using an 1/8 inch drill bit drill holes in the frame post using the holes in the wall post as location guides. Usingthe M4X8 screws and washers secure the wall posts to the frame post, then place the screw cover caps over the screw heads. There are two steps in the final section Section seven. First install the wall jam and extender capsule to the top of the wall post. Finally, placed silicone between the wall post and shower wall and bottom of the frame and shower base allow the silicone to dry 24 hours before using the shower.

This complete the installation of the axis 36 inch curved shower door. Please reference the installation guide for cleaning and maintenance of the shower door.

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