Sterling Finesse Shower Door Installation Instructions

Sterling Finesse Shower Door Installation Instructions

Sterling Finesse Shower Door Installation Instructions

Before beginning installation the sliding bypass bath shower, door be sure read installation guide thoroughly gather required. Tools and materials identify parts proper function bypass doors depends, accurate measurements of bottom tracks pay special attention carefully. Measuring before cutting begin identifying the bottom track bottom, track insert notice that insert knotch near one slide. Notched into the bottom track pull insert until the, flush with the track then trim insert that. Is flush with bottom track here is your first, important measurement measure the distance between walls of the. Bath shower this referred to as distance installation, guide write down this.

Measurement subtract inch millimeters. From this measurement mark bottom track to match this, distance using hacksaw cut the bottom track this. Mark after cutting file away burrs rough edges position, bottom track the center bath shower receptor ledge taller. Side the bottom track should outside of the ledge, need file track to match corners where walls meet. Ledge with bottom track centered ledge tape into, place with masking tape then mark position each and the. Center next you’ll position wall jambs slide bottom, over the bottom track it’s important that the bottom. Track wall jambs flat against both ledge.

Wall, if needed trim file bottom the wall jamb achieve. Flat can use coin mark wall jamb it matches, corner radius wall when have achieved flat plumb the. Wall jamb using level tape it into place, then mark screw holes repeat process other wall jamb. Remove wall jams drill a inch hole each, mark insert a wall anchor into each hole. Before continuing clean debris left behind from drilling remove bottom, track apply bead of silicone sealant groove the underside. Track then replace the bottom track ledge being, sure to align with marks made earlier next align. Wall jambs.

With screw anchors secure them wall, with the screws provided attach bumper to the screw. Bottom locations cover screws with screw covers it’s time, another critical measurement measure the distance between walls of the. Wall jambs installation guide this referred distance right down, this distance then subtract inch millimeter mark. The resulting distance track cut the track this mark, using a hacksaw file remove any burrs rough edges. Position top track over wall jambs either the flat, curved side face out locate holes tops both door. Panels insert bushings provided then install hanger brackets aligning, bracket with the mounting hole insert.

Blind nut into. Side hole secure it with bolt through other, side of hole bolt should firmly in place take. Care over tighten identify panel that will be on, outside orient the uncoated side facing outside of the. Bath shower inside panel you’ll want ensure that, rollers are uncoated side door position roller middle hole of. Hanger bracket check the installation guide roller should positioned, repeat process on other hanger bracket process to install. Rollers outside panel similar inside panel except that rollers, positioned on coated side panel with the rollers place. Install inside panel hanging rollers the inside track uncoated side, panel.

Should facing the outside lower part panel should. Inside bottom track the outside panel installed moving, the bottom panel into showering space then hanging rollers. Onto the inside track lower part of panel should, inside bottom track either panel needs adjustment to operate. Smoothly remove panel and move roller higher lower hole, bracket install the center guide locate center the lower. Track position guide align the door panels with, guide while holding guide place slide the doors from. Wall wall they bind you may have readjust, roller positions hanger brackets when you’ve achieved smooth operation. The doors secure center guide.

With two self tapping, screws being careful to over tighten if your shower. Door traditional towel bars insert spacers the glass hole, over screws then use the screws provided tighten. Bar to glass secure these screws with a hex, wrench again over tighten if your shower door. Contemporary towel bars first assemble towel bars by tapping, bracket into bar using rubber mallet then insert. The bushing into holes door secure provided screw into, the bracket cover bushing screw with cover provider final. Step is apply bead silicone sealant to seal entire, length wall jams both inside outside. bath or shower.

Bead sealant should be applied along bottom track, the outside bath shower the intersections where wall jamb. Meets the bottom track inside after clean your installation complete.

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