Sterling Finesse Frameless Shower Door Installation

Sterling Finesse Frameless Shower Door Installation

Sterling Finesse Frameless Shower Door Installation

Sterling finesse frameless shower door installation before begin, refer the installation care instructions for important safety information for. Installation will need the following tools materials drill, with assorted bits scissors safety glasses phillips bladed screwdrivers measuring. Tape pencil level vacuum snips file silicone sealant, masking tape teeth per inch blade hacksaw miter. Box before begin confirm your walls are within inch, plumb cover drain with tape avoid the loss small. Parts follow silicon sealant manufacturer’s instructions for application curing, time measure distance between bath or shower sidewalls above. Corner radii mark this measurement bottom track measure inward inch, from your last mark.

Mark this measurement bottom track. This your line place bottom track miter box cut, bottom track line file bottom track edges needed. To fit curved corners shower or bath unit if threshold, uneven bend the bottom track conform threshold to eliminate. Gaps center bottom track ledge with front facing the, outside check make sure bottom track and wall flat. Against shower ledge wall needed coin to match transfer, corner radius of shower wall jam trim file wall. Jam position wall jambs over bottom track plum both wall, jams using level secure wall jambs with tape confirm. Distance from wall jamb to outside shower.

Ledge, is the same both wall jambs mark the location. Bottom track rechecked plum using level mark each location, screw holes with drill other sharp object remove wall. Jambs using inch drill drill hole into each marked, location then anchors shown insert anchors into each hole clean. Debris apply sealant underside the bottom track position bottom track, ledge at marks with even each side measure mark center. Line the bottom track apply silicone sealing bottom of the, center guide align center the center guide with. Marked location on the bottom track install center guide, bottom track assemble bumpers bottom screws loosely attached both wall. Jambs with the.

Screws position bumpers horizontally tighten screws until, wall jams are secure install covers over each screw. Remove tape measure distance between wall jambs transfer measurement seal cut, seal with scissors marked location press seal into place use. Tape secure center guide and seal place allow, sealant to properly adhere time allows allow the sealant. Cure measure distance between walls above wall jambs mark this, measurement track position blade inch in word from mark cut. Track position track over wall jambs track reversible either side, installed front identify outside panel holes in sides frame loosely. Attached rollers the outside panel position rollers at the, same height middle the slots tighten.

Attach rollers. On the handle side inside door panel position rollers, same height in middle slots tighten standing outside shower. Lower the bottom inside panel into the shower lift panel, tilting toward you hook rollers onto inside rail ensure. Bottom panel engages center guide lift outside panel tilting, top away from hook rollers onto the outside rail. Ensure bottom the panel engages seal confirm doors correctly positioned installed, brackets towel bar with angled surface outside secure towel. oUtside of the outside panel using provided screws install covers, onto screws check doors smooth operation if adjustments needed. Remove the door panels reposition rollers in each slot, bottom.

Track interferes with door panel raise the door. Panel lowering rollers in each slot if door panel, does engage with the seal center guide lower. Door panel raising rollers each slot remove tape from bottom, track only seal outside shower using silicone sealant along entire. Length of wall jambs bottom track apply silicone sealant, along inside of wall jambs and where wall jambs. Meet bottom track allowed sealant cure according to the manufacturer’s, instructions after sealant cured remove the tape from center guide.

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