Small Footprint Swing Set

Small Footprint Swing Set

Small Footprint Swing Set

I’m Gonna share take worn out playset restore just like, brand new stay tuned i’ll show exactly how i. When moved into house the playset backyard wasn’t, in the best shape after five more years without. Maintenance really showing time do something about it i started, taking care part that’s been annoying while now the. Kids never climb this little rope wall rotting, really worn i just lopped with miry sips. Awe and hope kids didn’t notice of course they, after that started taking different accessories on playset prep. Cleaning the climbing handholds were bolted the threaded inserts, most came off easily.

Break out the grinder rusted insert. From back remove them i also removed some, rotted boards the bottom climbing wall they don’t replace. With cedar boards later almost everything else just, screwed in removed handles screen and windows easily that. Slide made easy egress while it there’s this game, inset in the side wall that busted so i. Wanted take that well i wasn’t ready this, apparently kids weren’t only ones enjoying the playset after. Dealing with those aunts my younger jumped help, we removed slide swings from playset them aside it’s been. While since they were small enough that.

Baby, swing that’s got to go dear drop hardware holding. The swings rusted wanted to refurbish them well they, were held on by long through bolts backed. Him off ready start cleaning the playset make cleaning, playset a lot faster using pressure washer and mixed. Some multi purpose cleaner concentrate help through the mildew, grime pressure washer i’m using briggs stratton elite . And it’s these five quick connect spray tips them, made specifically applying soap and cleaner pressure plugged that into. Washer then hooked hose supply water of course whenever, you’re using pressure washer want make sure you’re wearing. Right safety.

Equipment goggles great help protect your eyes, from overspray started the pressure washer drop siphon. Tube into bucket cleaner which pulls the soap through, line into the sprayer started the playset hosed everything. Down with a good dousing cleaner then let it, five minutes thing while waiting cleaned the siphon tube. With some clear water and then switched quick, connect out to degree white which the least aggressive. Bunch i’ve never used pressure washer before want to, test these rotten boards that removed from climbing. Wall i turned pressure until a pretty good removing, gunk without stripping wood then fun began.

Started with. Roof i was watching grime mildew get blasted away, this unit an upgraded foot hose it’s really flexible. Moving around playset was pretty easy after cleaning, bench though noticed that some mildew was still hanging. Lower boards i switched over degree green tip to, little more aggressive spray pattern this trick perfectly and. Mildew came right the second pass there’s fine, line between removing grime destroying the fragile wood fibers. Soft wood like cedar redwood make sure keep, the water moving constant pace if you slow down. Stop can easily gouge wood this in a that, the outer.

Swing posts were just absolutely disgusting gave. Them the business though amazed how quickly pressure washer, through this funk want thank to briggs stratton sponsoring. Today’s video there’s link down below the description elite , model that used their entire lineup pressure washers. A pressure washing wood does leave it a little, rough went back and sanded edges with grit. Sand block keep everything nice smooth the climbing hand, holds other plastic accessories were really faded from years. Being found some matching spray paint gave the parts, three of paint then topped with three coats gloss. Clear coat for protection metal.

Handles used some acetone, clean dirt and oils larger handles few rough totally rusted. Sanded loose rust away then gave handles coat of, rust stopping self etching primer then followed with. Same treatment plastic parts with three coats paint followed, three coats gloss clear coat hope this is gonna. Hold well provide many years protection while spraying everything, moved over swing hardware sanded rusted parts to knock. Loose rust then prime these also with self, etching primer coated these with some aluminum colored spray. Paint they look brand when done started trying refurbish, swings and bring them back life spray paint spraying.

. Them i quickly realized gonna look great since plastic, cracked and chains coating that was kind falling threw. The towel just went ahead ordered two swings last, thing i needed prep before applying the finish replacement. Boards i used some inexpensive cedar fence pickets from, home center cut them size then sanded them. Smooth and rounded over edges with my router now it’s, finally time new stain this playset transform i started. Sprayed a semi transparent stain sealer combo i sprayed, light medium coat then i back brushed with. Chip brush to even puddling drips this approach worked, really well spring the.

Finish went quickly with. This sprayer sprayer using here is the finished hvlp, from home right it’s inexpensive electric sprayer and it. Runs extension cord the material isn’t huge have to, refill often that keeps it light it’s perfect. Jobs like this when need down the finish fast, i’ll have link down below in description check. That out well even from the first coat what, difference the stain made play wood was really thirsty. First coat soaked fast thing look for is when, spray hardware like bolt heads if don’t wipe quickly. It’s gonna there it’s gonna look bad carried.

Shop, towel my pocket wiped heads after i sprayed section. Applied coats and after drying i started reassembling everything, when you disassembled recommend using some ziploc bags labeling. Fasteners it would have made this part lot faster, because just jumble of screws fasteners sort through mounting. Everything but everything slid into place while was waiting, swings arrive i did some reading found recommendations swing. Widths and distances from each other from the structure, drilled some holes to move brackets decide only. Use two swings here versus three may want wear, dust mask while drilling overhead reinstalled hardware but i. Only four.

Them back hold the swings they’d, have plenty more room swing between them sun set. That next i finished final pieces i reinstalled climbing, wall handholds they look great against that fresh stain. Repair pieces bottom drilled two new holes each board’s, for the hand holds then hammered the threaded inserts. Into back and attached boards climbing wall with deck, screws finished by securing hand holds with bolts and. Washers swings arrived i hung them chain a bit, long justed them i’ll come back excess chain. Off when borrow some bolt cutters i finishing touches, the playset wrapped after looking before pictures.

The videos really. Just amazed how drastic difference this the playset really, does look brand from a distance close there’s. Still some chips bruises stain the paint swings have, given this place lease life hold on before might. Want check out that video right there youtube, says it’s best think you’re gonna like you’re not subscribed. Channel already i’d love have part team and until, next time guys there and build something awesome .

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