Single Track Bypass Door Hardware

Single Track Bypass Door Hardware

Single Track Bypass Door Hardware

Single Track Bypass Door Hardware – Today we are going to be replacing some slider closet doors. This one had a hole in it that’s already been removed. One of the doors is still good to go but the other door obviously needs to be replaced. Let’s get to it. So the first thing we’re going to want to do is remove the old door. These should be held at like a twenty five thirty degree angle, brought towards you and then lifted out of the track. We’re going to replace the track because this one’s old and the new hardware might not match up. We’re going to go ahead and change it. Now this one’s got a decorative piece of casing hiding the track so you’re not going to be able to see it.

So I’m just going to have to talk you through it. We’re going to remove the screws from the old track and pull down the old track. We’re going to use this old track to stencil onto our new track that way we ensure the size is correct. Mark it, cut it with a hacksaw. Alright I got my new track cut. I’ve cut it with a hacksaw. It’s looking pretty good. If yours is not covered by casing like mine is here you may want to file down the edges, get rid of the little sharpness but we’re all hidden so we’re good to go. I’m going to use the new screws and we’re going to place the track and use the old paint line as a guide. Put it back in the same place.

Now the way this is hooked, you’re going to want the hooks to go inside the closet. Alright my new door is a little bit taller than the old door. It looks like about an inch and a half but if you cut these hollow core doors they only have about 3/4 inch of good wood there at the bottom or the top so you never want to cut one of these doors without doing what we’re about to do. So I got my inch and a half cut off the bottom of the door with the skilsaw and we’re goin g to take the cut off piece and we’re going to pull the face off of it like so and we’re going to use this cut piece and put it back inside the door to give it some stability. Otherwise, your door’s going to be flapping in 6 months.

Alright so we got the door cut off the height that we need it. We’ve got our little build up filler strip here that we’re going to put back in. We’re going to take some adhesive caulk, any kind of adhesive will work. Wood glue, whatever and we’re gonna put that inside the hole here. We can put this filler back in and it’ll stay put. I’m also going to do the top of this guy since Iv’e got some on the bottom over there and we’re going to slip it in. Now we’re going to take some itty-bitty wire nails and tack through the face of the door just to hold it. Now that bit was ready to be hung and it’ll last a lot longer than if you didn’t put the filler in there. Now we’re ready to mount the wheels.

So I flipped my door over. I’m going to mount the wheels to the top obviously. I’ve got two different style wheels here. You can see that one of them is almost flush and this one sets it out a little more. You want both same wheels on the same door. So you’re going to put two of these on the same door and two of these on the same door. I’m going to use my kick out wheels first. Let’s go to the door. Little tabs there tells you exactly where to put it and you’re just going to go about roughly six inches in from the end. Now I’m going to hang the wheels that kick the door out the most towards the back. About a 20 -30 degree angle, slip up, clip and drop. Beautiful.

Now I’m going to switch the new hardware on to the door that we were keeping. Put our second door up and if you put your hardware on the right way the doors should not hit or scrape. Next we’re going to take our little guide track with both doors open to the same position, we’re going to slip it right in between and put some screws in it. Now all we need is some handles and this baby is done. Now this old door has this little one-inch hole but the new style doors come with a 2-inch hole handle so we’re going to need to pull this one out and put it in a 2. Now we’re going to take our two inch hole saw bit and we’re going to drill through that same hole but you can see it only needs to go in like 3/8 of an inch so we’re not going to drill all the way through the door.

Now we chisel that out. It looks like it’s fitting in nice. A little adhesive caulkā€¦and that handle is good to go. We still have to put the handle on the other side but since you already know how to do it, you’re not going to need me. So that’s it new slider track, new slider doors are in. They’re looking awesome and they’re sliding amazingly. Now you can hide all those skeletons in your closet. To for Home Mender Inc, this is Dustin. I hope you learned something today.

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