Simple Pallet Tv Stand

Simple Pallet Tv Stand

Simple Pallet Tv Stand

Today, we are going to create an entertainment unit out of recycled Jarrah and Ironbark. A TV unit, that seems entertaining Dene. A TV should always be entertaining David. Lets hope so Dene. The sides are out of the same doors we found for the wine rack so they will match. The design is fairly simple but the combination of Jarrah and Ironbark should look brilliant. There is gonna be a fair bit of sanding with this ironbark so maybe one of us should set-up outside. That would be me? Yes. Ok, good luck. Thank you. The TV unit could also be a coffee table, the design works for both. Our plan is to join the Ironbark to the 2 halves of the old Jarrah door using 4 pieces of 14x19mm Jarrah.

The concept is simple and there are only 8 components. So let’s see how long it takes us and how simple it really is. Ok we have cut the 4 pieces of Jarrah we are going to use these to mount the upper and lower shelves to the unit. Now I’ve got to drill and counter sink them. The Jarrah is strong and will be the main support and hold the unit together, there are 8 screw points in each and that’ll provide enough strength in fixing. We’ve had the Ironbark roughly dressed because we wanna maintain a rustic look to it but I really need to sand the edges, they’re a bit too rough. I wanna make a sort of bull nose. I’m using a small belt sander, it’s light and easy to control. The Ironbark is extremely hard and will take quite a lot of sanding.

The ends of these mounting blocks are going to be visible from certain angles and also we don’t want any rough edges around the post so we are going to round them off on this bench sander. The sanders easy to use, I rest the blocks on the guide and gently shape the ends of the block. Whenever you use any power tool, remember to wear safety goggles. These disc sanders are belt driven so if you push to hard you tend to shut it down so firm but gentle. The small bench sander is the perfect addition to our workshop. The flat bed supports the Jarrah so Dene can make an even curve on the end of the mounting blocks. They don’t call this Ironbark for nothing. It is really hard.

So I’m getting through a fair bit of sandpaper even though it’s fairly course. One of the things to look at when you are buying a sander is how easy it is to change the paper. Especially when you are getting through a lot of it, this one is really good actually because that little release handle comes off, and then it goes on and you lock it into position and you are back in business. It’s looking pretty good, let’s go and see how Dene is going. Ok, there we go! Good, now we are just about to halve the door. I can help with that! How? Well hang on, you measure it you cut. Uhhh, I’m going to be supportive and helpful, and I’ll put the kettle on. Oh good, ok, I’ll measure and cut. Goodbye. Now we have measured and marked the door and I’ve clamped this piece of timber across as a guide for the saw so it should give us a nice straight cut.

The 2 door halves are for the ends of the TV unit. The clamp and guide system that Dene is using is the best way to guarantee a dead straight cut. Beautiful. Wow, here you go. Thanks, Lovely. You are very organised, you have got all the screws in place and ready to roll. I don’t mess about. That’s very good the door is halved. Yep. Jolly good, is there any reason why we shouldn’t do it? No I don’t think there is. Lets go. Lets do it. Next we attach the mounting block to the underside of the Ironbark shelf pieces. We will position the mounting blocks off centre on the bottom of the shelves. The edge they are closest to will become the back of the unit so the blocks will be less visible from the front.

Ok, these end plates are very important, they do 2 things they hold these 2 boards together nice and tightly so we don’t have to glue them. And they also hold this board to the sides so lets put it on shall we? Lets shall. That’s good. Line up the other and. Clear. That’s the ticket. That’s good Yep Ok, next shelf Deno. There we go, it’s heavy. The Ironbark shelves are very heavy, we need to support them while we screw them to the box. Grab it? Yeah, I just drop that down there. Because of the strength of the Jarrah and the Ironbark we don’t need any cross supports. The mounting blocks will give the unit enough lateral and vertical strength. Ok, lets turn it over. Flip it! It’s very heavy. You are not wrong.

There you go David, your entertainment unit is complete. And it was very entertaining. Yes it is. The design is very simple, but that is what we wanted. The feature is the natural beauty of the timber itself.

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