Silver Crown Canopy

Silver Crown Canopy

Silver Crown Canopy

I,m doing very first diy nursery room video here’s, little bump i pregnant case anyone’s wondering i can’t. Really tell this dress i wanted this post, have a little story behind wanted do this looking. Pinterest i saw this like gorgeous crown canopy, and of course site where it’s from restoration hardware. Hello jake like was like four, hundred dollars second i thought want there’s got to. Some this found a way gonna share with, it’s super inexpensive super easy then i have just. Huge disclaimer out first safety moms out there just, want make sure.

Everyone knows don’t plan having. This my baby actually crib when she’s able like, stand pull i know it’s safety hazard don’t. Worry it’s just decoration she’s even gonna this room, first months life she’s gonna be sleeping room. Bassinet when she’s able like pole like up it’s, gonna there don’t worry neither stuffed animals alright if. Guys want created this it’s very simple keep, watching what does you’re gonna need few things everything. That from hobby lobby guys don’t have a hobby, lobby near sure can find similar things your. Local craft store even thrift store ended up.

Finding, crown this dollars and then also found this. Which is actually shelf this originally sale off also, some fabric some spray paint of your choice. First thing was i just spray painted crown, then also shelf husband this because pregnant then decided that. Were going little half circle type thing shelf, this is not necessary want can we also tape. Before so that wouldn’t screw paint so that’s what, you’re seeing right now then also just little extra. Safe screw some screws and then poked some, holes crown and then basically glue just make extra. Secure like.

On there wouldn’t fall again depending what, you’re using this for if it’s fairly vanity. Something you really don’t need that extra and then, next taking my fabric measured this from where wanted. Height crown to start then down floor so whatever, your height that’s you would fabric then can see. Kind just overlapped back and forth then used, tacks like little thumbtacks then pushed in through bottom. That makes sense and different ones that like there’s, panel side and then another panel other side. And again super easy this take long at then, just same thing other side there.

You can little. Tacks doesn’t matter what they look like because you’re, going that part so yeah looks really cool. Don’t have to exactly get creative yourself whatever ways you, like then lovely husband helped mount the wall then. Really stage it like different ways that think, look cool that just creative yeah that’s really super Simple super easy.

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