Silk Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland

Silk Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland

Silk Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland

Silk Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland – Today’s post is going to be all about wedding centerpiece ideas so stay tuned. For this first wedding centerpiece idea, we’re gonna do a garland and this would be perfect for a bridal party table. Now, I have teamed up with Petal Driven, if you haven’t heard about them you need to check them out because you choose your flowers and they will deliver them to your front door. Now, I had them put together garland with just seeded eucalyptus. You could choose other things. You could choose Silver Dollar Eucalyptus maybe mixed in with a little bit of willow or maybe a little rosemary field for a little extra added smell. The other two flowers that I chose are a very light colored pink rose spray.

They’re called spray roses and they run about $12.50 for a bunch. The third flower I picked is called wax flower and I kind of I prefer wax flower even over baby’s breath. It’s just, I don’t know, it’s just got great color and great highlight. So those are the three things that I chose to make this beautiful wedding garland. So let me show you how I put it together First, let me talk to you about the table runner. I chose this fabric, it’s called chiffon, and while it sounds expensive, it is not! I got it on sale, $3.50 a yard. I love it because it is very soft. Very airy, flowy, romantic. So I’m gonna lay that on the table and then I didn’t even trim it.

I’ll just tuck the edges in and lay it all the way across the table and let it flow off the side of your table and just puddle on the floor. I wish you guys could smell this eucalyptus garland. It smells divine! Time to add flowers! So I’m snipping the spray roses first and I’m tucking them in and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna kind of place them in a zig zag pattern down the garland. The next thing I’ll add is gonna be the wax flowers. Let me tell you real quick, you kind of want to trim those away from your chiffon. The little leaves fall everywhere and make a mess. I’m gonna put the wax flowers in, tucked in around the spray roses, and again, kind of do a zigzag pattern. See how beautiful that little spray rose is with the wax flower?

Look how beautiful that would be in a boutonniere! You’d just take your floral tape, snip on all the same, take your floral tape, wrap it around. You’ve got a pin and look how pretty that is! Look how beautifully that chiffon is blowing in the wind! This garland is so romantic and so charming. The flow rs just added the right touch and I did actually put some flowers down one side to see how I like that and actually, I think it looks beautiful. I’m adding these beautiful dishes. They’re my favorite! They’re stoneware and that makes them microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe and scratch and chip resistant. They would make a beautiful gift for any bride or a mother hint hint We carry them in our store and we’re now carrying them in our online store and I’ll put a link below.

So the last thing I want to add to this garland is candles and I chose these votives because they have some gold in them and they add a little bit of bling to the entire centerpiece. I’m gonna place them across each other kind of in a zigzag pattern all the way down the garland, all the way down the table. Oh, it’s so easy to create that beautiful wedding centerpiece and tag-teaming after you lay the garland on there, have someone snipping the flowers, and have someone else tucking it in and you can have it done in 20 minutes tops. All right, now I’m going to take my leftover eucalyptus and I’m going to start placing it around this beautiful lantern.

When you first start it’s gonna be a little sparing. That’s okay. You keep piling, keep going all the way around the lantern, tucking your stems in. Next, add some flowers. I chose to add these spray roses to get a little color. I’m gonna snip them a little short and I’m gonna tuck them in making sure their little stems that I trimmed don’t show. Just like we did with the garland, go all the way around your lantern. This makes such an elegant centerpiece for any guest table, make sure that you have tucked in all those extra stems so it gives the illusion of a eucalyptus wreath. So, let me show you one other thing and that is another reason why I like chiffon. It makes a beautiful bow.

For 1-yard, you can make a perfect bow to go on any wreath. Let me show you how I did that. So because chiffon can be so thick you don’t want to make a complete knotted bow. So what I do is I make the two loops and then I have cut a piece of the chiffon off, turn the bow over, and I tie a knot in the middle of those loops. Tie it really tight and then flip it back over and that’s what you’re going to use to attach it to the wreath. All right, let me show you what a beautiful bow that made, it’s just dreamy, gets caught in the wind. This will look beautiful on a door or on a gate going out to the garden, love you can find those fabulous dishes.

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