Silicone Baby Dolls For Sale Cheap

Silicone Baby Dolls For Sale Cheap

Silicone Baby Dolls For Sale Cheap

Silicone Baby Dolls For Sale Cheap – Hi everyone I’m here to introduce to you another baby as usual this baby is ready for adoption as you can see it’s Dwayne and this is a sleeping Dwayne and I just wanted to show you a little post of him today I’m going to be posting him for sale and I’ll put this post on my page and then I’ll send it out to the subscribers to my email so they can see the details on the doll okay so here is Dwayne and as you can see he has an open mouth and he takes a full pacifier let me move these things out of the way so that I can show you more about him now this doll is very soft silicone and as you can see he has two open mouths this is a drinking wet baby and anatomically correct baby boy and he has dark rooted hair and the silicone is so soft it takes.

Its time to move back into place did you see when the pacifier did that and how it the mouth gradually closed I think that’s so neat okay so let me show you a little bit more about this little boy okay I really like the painting on this little one it’s so realistic okay so doing has full armatures in his arms and you can position them basically however you want to the armatures are not very hard to move they’re pretty they’re pretty easy to handle and you can position it and as you can see while I move in his right arm the left arm isn’t moving and vice-versa I’m moving the left and the right arm stays in place.

So he has the armatures all the way down to his wrists his wrists can also move okay he can suck his thumb because of the easy position and okay when he has the one piece body and he has to loot the chest a little firmer than the tummy and his neck can be you know moves easily from side to side there is no joint there he’s all in one piece so his neck moves well and his he has nice dark very dark brown hair almost black and it has a nice weave pattern to it nicely routed his back he has a spine so let me show you that you know I don’t know if you can see it when I bend him forward and then when when I bend him back you don’t see it as much but it’s actually a firm spine in there that feels like a spine.

You can feel it through the soft silicone but the spine itself is silicone it won’t do anything to the doll okay and this baby also has excuse me he has armatures in his legs but only in his knees and his ankles there are no armatures in his hips so you can you know make him pull his legs up you know scrunch them up but I did not put any in the in the hips I thought it would be nice you know dog would feel looser without it in the hips so he has to soft tummy armatures full armatures in the arms armatures only in his knees and ankles and he I guess that’s it let’s see he has an open mouth with drink and wet he is anatomically correct and he has full armatures in his arms and armatures in his knees and ankles.

He also has a spine that is a spine you can feel he also has two soft neck his head can turn from side to side and he’ll come with a lot of cute little outfits that I’m not going to dress him in right now because I have to get this video up and I have to upload it and everything so I don’t want to spend too much time on that so his, his hips move nicely but it’s soft soft the way he moves and he’s very posable and I just thought that would be interesting not to have it in the hips but to have it in the legs in the knees and ankles so this is Dwayne he is the third sleeping Duane so he’s doing number three for the sleepers I have number four coming up very soon and and I’d like to thank you for coming to look at doing and I hope you like him and he’ll find a new mommy soon

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