Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

We talk about luxury vinyl plank flooring, what it is and its benefits, that’s starting right now. Welcome to Home Furnishings brought to you by Brookfield Residential. Hi everyone I’m Karl Yeh, welcome to another edition of Home Furnishings So today I’m joined by Deborah Armstrong, a senior interior designer from Brookfield Residential. And today we’re talking about luxury vinyl plank flooring. So Deborah, I have absolutely no clue what this is, what is luxury vinyl plank flooring? Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a flooring that can either look like hardwood in this case, now we’re seeing some that look like tiles or stone, but it is a solid vinyl piece of material. So what are the benefits of this?

People would use these in their home if they have a very busy household, they maybe have have big dogs that do some scratching, maybe have accidents on the floor, they want to use it in a mud room or in a bathroom where there’s a tub, whereas unlike hardwood which will not be installed because of the moisture, and you know, hardwood would get damaged, whereas this it’s 100% waterproof. And remember, we created a video on the best flooring if you want to have a look at that above– So Deborah, you were talking about– is it completely waterproof? This is 100% waterproof, it’s solid vinyl all the way through, and it also just clicks in like a hardwood, so it can be floated, easy to remove if you do want to change it out in the future.

Yeah so it goes together just like a hardwood but you don’t have to nail it, so you can actually float this, great in basements. So you could actually install this yourself? Absolutely. So rip out your own flooring, and is just pretty much click. Okay. Is there different types of this type flooring? No it’s all 100% solid vinyl. However, the look that you can get, yes the many different colours, many different looking species of hardwood, different widths. Sometimes you can get a floor with random width, you have wider and narrower boards, you can like I said, get ones that look like tile, stone, yeah. Many different options.

So it’s not like when we talked about the solid vs. engineered hardwood, it’s nothing to– Nothing like that, nope. So wouldn’t most people want to have this flooring in throughout their entire house or it’s not something that’s really recommended? Well I wouldn’t say that it’s not recommended, people still today percieve real hardwood as having that luxury appeal, so for resale and things like that if you say, “I have real hardwood in my home”, there’s an appeal to that. This is a less expensive product, but it is very durable, and I have had you know, people build 2-3 million dollar homes and put this throughout because of their lifestyle.

They might’ve had 3 or 4 really big dogs and have lived through real hardwood, and the challenges, the scratching, etc. And what’s the lifespan of vinyl? This would probably live as for long as you’re in the house and passed. It’s very, very durable. And is it scratch resistant too? Very scratch resistant, much more than a real hardwood, a solid hardwood or engineered. Okay. And where would be the most typical places you’d want to install this? Bathrooms? You mentioned bathrooms– Yes. You’d want to– however you don’t want to have real hardwood in one room and then switch to luxury vinyl plank, you’re going to get a transition, and the wood are going to look different, and not gonna create that beautiful flow that you want in your house.

People maybe put this in their entire basement, wear and tear with kids and animals down there and leave upstairs because it’s separated by maybe a carpeted staircase, use the real hardwood up there. Oh okay. And even though you can make it look like real hardwood, it’s still– like if you put them next together, it still– it wouldn’t make any sense? You’re not gonna get the exact match, the thicknesses aren’t the same so you’re gonna get transition strips and you’re going to lose that luxury. Okay. Now what’s the difference between –I just did a quick research on my own, what’s the difference between luxury vinyl plank flooring and engineered vinyl plank? Okay, engineered vinyl plank is a vinyl that’s been adhered to a high density fiber board.

They do claim that it’s waterproof– I don’t know if I would really trust it myself, I’ve never really suggested it because it’s still a fiber board, and you’re not– the reason why you would want to go to a luxury vinyl plank is because of its 100% waterproof. I don’t know if I would trust engineered that has a fiber board underneath. That’s my personal thing, I would rather just stick with a solid vinyl. Awesome. Anything else to comment on luxury vinyl plank flooring? No, other than that the newer versions of this hardwood, when it’s installed it is very hard to tell between a real hardwood and a luxury vinyl plank. They’ve come a long way and they’re beautiful.

Would you be able to tell if you walked through a house? Sometimes I have to look twice, yes absolutely. In fact I’m actually thinking for my next home, I might go this route –so durable. So the question I have for you is, do you use luxury vinyl plank flooring? And what is your experience with it– let us know in the comment section below. Thank you very much for joining us and we’ll catch you next time. That’s another edition of Homebuyer’s School. Tune in next time for more expert tips and tricks, and visit our website to bring you one step closer to finding your dream home.

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