Shaw Citadel Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

Shaw Citadel Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

Shaw Citadel Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

Shaw Citadel Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews – I’ll tell you why going review this product right here shaw laminate Flooring at menards love menard know but this shaw, liam it’s year warranty nature’s element easy glueless installation. It’s pretty looking product when down when you tried, store couple boards there them together locks it’s seamless. It’s beautiful it’s good woke a view review that, this s house floors exactly level i’m sure when. Walk it’s little spongy there’s issue this product think, would work great a new house maybe although. I’ve heard people that they’ve problems if it gets, little wider whatever obviously.

Can’t speak that even had. Down long enough just putting down i’ve been, working on that past days mean i’ve done plenty. Of three quarter inch whole house is inch, hardwood it’s been down years looks good as it. That just beautiful this stuff much you’d have, to have unlimited amount infinite patience work with like. I’m sure floors with it but cannot recommend this, product i would tell anybody really consider your floor. It’s perfect would look different i’ll show well first, here’s what’s good about product it looks very natural it’s. Know nice smooth i think it’s nice.

Pattern, it obviously right here scene which you cannot it’s. Perfect it goes together easy it locks just like, there yeah well not this yourself that’s perfect anybody. That seams at all it’s great all right that’s, good part here is section that’s been laid. Down and there’s couple seams here there are seamless, can’t really i have proper underlayment stuff and like. Floor real strong you hear squeezed it’s not the, product that before here you see seam though. I’ve worked forever this i’ve tried substituting other boards, trying you know using bring together like here will. It’s joined together.

Well then this piece would not, join gonna same thing here substituting other pieces. And all glares part get this well that’s it doesn’t, look awfully from the top mean want live. With but this house going be living we’re just, fixing and going someone even even can tolerate product. Know it’s just sure it’s great product in the, proper application it’s just not for you’ve weak. Floor a spongy floor creaky floor would recommend something, else i’ll show side view that we’re looking product. From side but right down see those ridges places, just connect it reel them i’ve.

Tried try to. Substitute boards putting it together every which where it’s, locked place can’t pull it apart you’re still. Seeing those ridges know could lean the boards other, what we wanted meet with the hardwood floor that. Already over here so that’s running long ways which, part problem too but know there’s been quite. Few reviews online check and think twice know your application, your level patience before with hate a downer very. Frustrated this obviously coming sure i bought through bundles i’ve, laid down three threes going back to store. Just going have to try find something else, over.

This anyway guys know your thoughts in comments. Appreciate hear from what maybe had a great experience, from shaw laminate flooring know what you think until Then.

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