Shark Rotator Vacuum Won’t Turn On

Shark Rotator Vacuum Won’t Turn On

Shark Rotator Vacuum Won't Turn On

Why is my Shark Rotator Vacuum Won’t Turn On? I thought you said it wasn’t doing so hot at cleaning your floor. It still isn’t. The vacuum might be overheating because the filters are clogged. If it can’t get good air flow due to lack of full exhaust, it won’t have good suction. What else could it be? The vacuum bag itself may be full. It then strains to move air through it, even to the point of overheating. I change the bag out often. There could be a massive dust bunny hiding in the hoses, blocking air flow and causing the unit to overheat, hoping to choke the monster instead of being sucked down to its death. You’re rather dramatic. The alternative to dusting and cleaning the vacuum is an electrical problem.

Whether due to a wire that’s frayed or a more serious one, I can’t say. If it has an electrical problem, I’m replacing it. The only thing worse than a hot vacuum is one on fire. I guess that means it can’t get worse except by getting even hotter. But there’s always the possibility the problem is the engine. The vacuum has a motor, not an engine. Fine, the motor could have a problem. If it has parts rubbing on parts, it will get hot. What else could it be? Electrical, mechanical, lack of air flow – short of that, my best guess is that the vacuum is possessed. It is not possessed.

If it was, I’d half way hope to bribe it into vacuuming the house for me and get all the pet hair. If you have pets, there could be pet hair wrapped around the brushes or locking down the beater bar. A motor straining to move those but can’t would get hot despite the unit doing a bad job cleaning the floor. Now we’re back to cleaning the vacuum to fix it. Better than cleaning out your wallet to pay a repairman.

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