Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Truepet

Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Truepet

Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Truepet

Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Truepet – I’m here to review the Shark rotator powered liftaway vaccum which has 3 modes; the upright,the lift away, and the canister along with all of your pet hair moving needs. So, can it stand up to my bull dog and my cat and my husband and my baby? We’ll find out! All right, to be brutally honest with youthis shark vacuum is a transformer. Look at how many pieces this thing has!several hoses…pet hair removers, dusters, tubes…what looks like three heads and a little trolley…that’s a lot to deal with! So I want to show you guys that there is an easy wayto put it together. There’s a quick start guide with lots of pictures and so it took me less thanfive minutes to unwrap everything and get it put together and what I really want toshow you is the 3 modes that this vacuum really can help you. clean yourhouse.

So this is the upright position. The vacuum has got its handle: the head on the bottom and the bodyis the canister and what is really going to do is transform intoseveral different modes to help you out. OK, here’s the vacuum in its upright mode, which you can see is very much like astandard vacuum.It’s got this awesome little lift away button right here and press the whole thing, sothe canister comes off and now I’ve got a lift away to be able to go up the stairs,down a narrow hallway or somewhere like underneath furniture which no othervacuums cannot get to, The really slim profile that’s really attractive.The vacuum: the little trolley that it comes on you want the canister to be onthat is a rolling canister?Not a problem.It slides right on. Clicks right on so now I have that slim profile that I need.But the canister is rolling along with me. The nice thing about the Shark isI’ve got a little side packs for all of my accessories,so everything travels along with me.

Most of the time I prefer my vacuum in an upright position,so I took off the canister from the trolley, slid it right on and it’s that easy!You’ll see on my handle here that I’ve got options for carpet, little pile carpet andhard floors with a nice easy slider button and the power button that’s right bymy thumbs. No more reaching down to the canister to try to turn the vacuum onand off at a moment’s notice.See this 30 feet of cord? Even my little house doesn’t have enoughplugs to go around, so I can easily plug in and go from room to room withouthaving to take the time to replug and move away. I can get my house cleanerfaster. So I stepped down power on to my thick carpet and please note i justback you this with my other vacuum so let’s see what this can getlet’s take the time to see what the heck this vacuum can get out there is a quickrelease right here to take the canister off and you can see that there’s dirt in here!oh my god that’s embarrassing!

There’s an easy tab right here at the bottom todump it.That is really quite awful! So that’s a no touch,bagless vacuum which I love and look at that that is a awful! I just vacuumed!!!Now if you have a little thing stuck in your cyclone,there’s a matching tab right here. Press open and you can easily get anythingthat might be stuck.Get that right out to get back on track and you’re ready to keep going.Gross! Oh my god that is absolutely horrendous.Now it’s time to tackle the hardwoods. The part of this vaccum that is really neatis the little head that comes with your vacuum. It has a nice little padand little silk tab so you don’t have to touch anything dirty and it velcrosright on, leaving one section opened for the vacuum to suck up your particles toinsert it into your vacuum. There’s a wand release right here (you can see thatdrops right out) and this slides right on.You can set that aside and really go about your business.Once again, I change this to a hardwood floor…give it a go.

Shark says on their tips about this that the hardwoodcleaner will give you a white sock clean and my goodness that’s pretty dirty.You wanna know my dirty secret?I have to vacuum my couch. My Bulldog sheds so much you’d think he was a cat.My cat actually doesn’t shed as muchand those dog hairs are really prickly. I know you sharp, short-haired, dog ownersknow exactly what I’m talking about.Shark has given me this pet hair attachment which comes with your liftaway vacuum. It comes on and off yours just like this,a nice push button on. So I’m going to try to give this a whirlon the back side of my cushions covered in dog hair.My mother would be so embarrassed… sorry Mom! there’s anybody knows vacuuming dog hair out of velvet back cushions is not aneasy feat but the shark lift-away handle it was no problem.

So I don’t think that this will be the chore that used to be my final verdicton the shark rotator looked at the power lift away is two thumbs upIt is better than my dyson by far as picking up cat hair and dog hair anddust and the absolute transform ability of the different pieces to match thetask at hand is awesome So I think you guys should really go out and try this sucker and see how cleanyou can get your house!Thanks to Shark for letting me try it!

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