Shark Rotator Model Nv751

Shark Rotator Model Nv751

Shark Rotator Model Nv751

Shark Rotator Model Nv751 – Today we’re going take look at the shark rotator Nv751 true this model it’s bagless upright With hepa filtration it’s foot power cord which a respectable, length upright has a motor driven brush which. You’d expect vacuum this size also weighs neighborhood about, and a half pounds it’s heavy it’s not particularly. Light machine either today we’re going through its paces, take look some the features vacuum vacuum comes with. Host accessories tools which we’ve laid here here, we’ve got the dusting genie which essentially a crevice. Tool with extendable brush on it we’ve upholstery, tool and you velvet.

Strips the top bottom those. Help ensure you don’t mark your upholstery this is, dusting brush which good for doing hard surfaces. Upholstery as well there’s true motorized brush this it’s, heavier tool because indeed does have motor in it. It’s good hair obviously and also loose debris, stuff on upholstery other surfaces it’s also suction release. Top case suction little too powerful this what’s known, the hard floor genie it’s interesting tool it’s a suction. Channel front area for microfiber here the microfiber comes, with vacuum cleaner it’s pretty easy install you it’s. Couple tabs that reach over attach velcro strip.

That’s, device here it goes pretty easy there go you’ve. Nice soft dusting you don’t want this surface or, don’t want dampen cloth or anything it’s only. When you’re finished with it’s machine washable come again pretty, easy these things fit into nicely provided by shark. Some accessory over here something called canister caddy, this is unit that converts upright vacuum into canister. Vacuum we’ll show that works little later on probably, most interesting aspects this vacuum cleaner its ability operate. Upright a canister some extent handheld vacuum here upright mode, step down see how works nozzle quite maneuverable however. Notice that.

It does feel little heavy can see, wonder that would cause wrist strain over time however. Read consumer reviews have anybody really complaining about that, perhaps it’s something used over time now putting vacuum. Into canister mode it’s quite easy there’s lift, away button here depress this button and the assembly. Dust canister and motor simply comes fits onto our, canister caddy clicks that’s it you’ve essentially canister vacuum. Ahead operate it like tags along behind like, a canister vacuum good a vacuum that’s designed canister perhaps. Quite mobile little bit top heavy maybe seems, work fine handheld mode it’s essentially involves.

Just pulling. The lift away button pushing again and you lift, assembly away don’t need this what have this point. Vacuum actually walk around with want not want full, vacuum nozzle here and ahead let’s say put tool. Onto vacuum handle now this makes it’s great, little tool for going doing stairs things like that. Addition tools they fit on only handle they also, onto wand take the wand here there’s another. Button releasing wand goes onto handle and ahead tool onto, that have a much longer reach more comfortable. And you still walk around with this unit putting, everything.

Back together also very easy once figure. Where all the buttons things put the nozzle back, this thing will stand then assembly sit you’re back. Your upright mode the vacuum handle here several controls, here your basic off which very conveniently located. Here you have brush controls brush roll some people, prefer call that the bottom here hard floor. What that means that roll main nozzle bottom vacuum, won’t spin hard floor that ensures that there’s scattering. Debris when you’re using also ensures that it’s scuffing, hard floor some hardwood surfaces actually get scuffed your. Brush roll spinning second here.

Pile carpet and that’s, very know very short carpet that’ll start brush. Roll spinning move this setting called thick carpet area rugs, brush continues spin here what happens opens these side. Vents helps reduce the suction main nozzle which, allows you still move vacuum across thick carpet also. Vacuum area rugs without pulling them down main nozzle vacuum, cleaner you’ll see the brush here i’ve actually added. Neat little feature which a clear window example if, anything’s raveled tied up there there’s also brush. Roll indicator light here which turns green to tell, brush roll spinning now interesting feature here no matter.

. What setting have handle this brush roll going, spin when vacuum upright position like this that ensures. That you don’t stop vacuum with brush roll spinning, example burn your carpet i’ll turn vacuum on you’ll. Only will the bright headlights across here you can, you’ll notice that brush roll no matter what. Setting here the handle will spin now i’ve setting, pile carpet tilt vacuum back you’ll notice that brush. Kicks and the light here will on and again, turns itself soon as i tilt vacuum into. Upright position now we’re going vacuum through tests what have here, colorful fruit loops they’ve.

Been ground some them. So there’s like fine fine powder well as some, fairly large pieces addition we’re going machine beside. A dyson know sometimes just that comparison really helpful, thing to look often compared dyson we’re just going pass. We’ll just see how these things perform first, off let’s take look dyson okay left some debris. Behind now let’s turn shark right bit quieter seems, that the shark also pile carpet setting so long. Well they both left of debris behind want, take a closer look this the debris left behind. Shark and we’ll move over i’ll take.

Quick, look the debris field dyson the dyson does look. Like left little bit more behind we’ll this, on carpet pick much can well we’ve we’ve the fruit. Loops again that some which have been ground, we’ve some pumpkin seeds because some darker lentils let’s. Just works levac pile seems to have done good, course you have move back forth over the same. About several times course that’s also extremely heavy, debris seems to work pretty well we’re going. To measure some noise levels noise level is an, issue some people we’re going to do comparison. Again the shark.

What we’ve digital sound level meter, three feet away from the vacuums each vacuum. Will tested with brush then with the brush will, record decibels and will know results okay with brush. Office seventy five point three decibels the shark comparison, only seventy three point nine decibels with brush bar. Eighty point six decibels shark with brush on was, seventy eight point decibels now we’re going quick. Suction power tests we’ve brought the shark dyson again, we’ve also brought idea behind that that these shark. And the dice they’re fairly powerful vacuums something of average, bagless upright we thought we’d test.

That well. Just to give comparison first let’s start with dyson, we’ve tape we have vacuum gauge here we’ve had. Tape onto dyson hose because hose little bit irregular, let’s with see what kind power this okay that. Spikes about twenty six kilopascals let’s take look, our shark fits nicely onto the handle here don’t. Need tape for this one okay we’re around shark and, we’ll take look just for comparison oh we’re seeing. About nine half on hello tell there are there’s, actually suction leaks around the hose where where. Enters the vacuum it’s probably well sealed these certainly produces, less.

Suction emptying dust cup similar that other. Bagless vacuums there buttons that you squeeze here they’re, labeled dust cup release comes away really easily. The bottom there’s button that will open up bottom, door will and all that that into the dustbin. Close again and fits back pretty quickly now we’ll, vacuum performs pet hair this white hair can see. We’ve carpet and grounded into best ability jumping down, walking back and forth we’ll have carpet set will. Have vacuum to low pile carpet let’s it performs well, amid very short work that now we’re going. Take look the cleaning ability.

True pet motorized brush, we’ve attached here to handle we’ve more ground hair. A few other odds ends typically you probably wouldn’t, using this on your main area carpet least. An area that could over with the machine this, will give idea of cleaning ability this motorized tool now. Does pretty good takes a lot more back, forth does with the with vacuum cleaner itself. With a tool driven suction typically you won’t same, kind deep cleaning but like like said this. A motor thing noticed after that exercise actually the amount, hair that gets caught in the brush roll.

. Here also this unit well after cleaning your, dog hair your hair whatever you would have clean. Up because really gets really gets tangled there another, thing to look close baseboards does vacuum when you’re vacuuming now. That worked really well up tight against baseboards, looking at underside nozzle can see that this right. Side vacuum is going clean much tighter much tighter, baseboards down left side let’s left side performs well we’ve. Over couple more times still it’s performs admirably vacuum, three filters there’s premotor filters one post motor filter. Very easy access take dust here’s foam filter this, rinsed water when it’s.

Dirty yeah when it’s. Completely dry put back felt filter same thing, rinse it when it’s back the machine those premotor filters again. Really easy access the post motor filter hepa, filter and it’s down here there’s little switch on. Bottom press cover comes off and here’s pleated, hepa filter this can also rinsed probably needs. To be know cleaned about once year and when, it’s rinsed dried can just back machine get cover. Back that’s really comes together very easily other thing, should mention this vacuum has sealed system that. Means that the entering vacuum forced to go.

Through, entire filtration system before it’s exhausted from machine and. That ensures that your allergens and things caught, your filtration system that exiting the vacuum quite clean. oTher vacuums without sealed system what happens enters into, the vacuum comes know carpet or whatever you’re cleaning. Enters into vacuum leaks out leaks through poor seals, in the vacuum body poor connections for for example. Around hose something and that you’re getting really clean, clean coming vacuum in summary there’s number things. We like about shark few things didn’t like what, we like machines very ergonomic switches buttons easy and they’re. Intuitive places.

Things come apart very easily they, back together very easily comes with attachments which is really. Handy lift away feature itself great it’s easy, and it’s effective there’s good pickup on both carpet. Bare floors does pull hair well machine also has, strong suction which the vacuum gauge it’s quire. Than dice it’s quieter than dyson and having said, that though it’s probably i wouldn’t really that. There’s a particularly quiet vacuum dust canister easy empty, comes with sealed system hose the handle provide about. Feet cleaning reach you’ve foot power cord which nice, long finally there’s easy maintenance with.

This machine there’s. Little replace the filters washable light switch there’s light, handle here lights nozzles the bulbs last lifetime vacuum. The machine belt that also lasts a lifetime vacuum, it’s a bagless machine there’s bags to buy what. Didn’t like machine feels a heavy wrists when, in upright mode you’re trying turn it that’s because. This bolt here a little could feel that when, you’re trying change direction vacuum canister feature well found. That bit clumsy it’s probably something we’d use very, often also with dealing with hair well pulls everything. With long hair you’ve got really clean brush, bar afterwards.

Probably wouldn’t have to do that you’re. Dealing with a shorter hair didn’t test the hard, floor genie number owners have reported that adequate performance. Nothing special now this machine will cost between, and depending which retailer you go mind what. It’s a reasonable price also carries year warranty, which really quite long for upright kind puts. The territory german made miele for example were really, impressed overall with shark envy it’s on our website. Have rated this machine hundred and it’s made list best uprights.

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