Shark Nv751 Review

Shark Nv751 Review

Shark Nv751 Review

Shark Nv751 Review – This new vacuum it’s called Shark Nv751 truth vacuum what i want show guys you actually vacuum.I Want show you guys long cord length is what, accessories comes with that cool stuff first want. That i have vacuum right also have a flea, infestation problem cat and desperate bought this vacuum right. This vacuum just freakin amazing it’s very very, powerful i’ll into that right now just want show. The accessories here brushes it came came with this, probably one of favorites getting tight s but could. Came with wide range accessories that just awesome second, thing want show you.

Cord length cord is pretty. Long goes all the back living room farthest outlet, also you’ll onto the handle three modes it’s upside. Down sorry but what happens show okay so it’s, three modes what happens is this slider adjust. However you want want thick have like thick carpet, will leave on the first have carpet with a. Pile obviously move to the second have a hardwood, floor hard floor all then obviously will the hard. Floor gonna ahead and actually vacuum going to actually, thick carpet area guys what it’s like okay since carpet. I’m going show guys this works i’m also.

Hard, wood floor i’m also going show that works and. We’re going describe guys the feelings power wise, with the vacuum when pass vacuum the surface thing. Really quickly i just want mention vacuum came, in three parts that came with handle here then. Came with tube right here that actually detaches, if you press this button right here can actually. Lift vacuum tube on the back might came with, bottom piece right i’m gonna ahead pass vacuum. I’ll describe guys exactly feel power wise okay this going, thick carpet and gonna ahead it’s already set on. Thick carpet.

Gonna turn now okay that thick, carpet that was pretty powerful powerful mean that there. Much suction the vacuum that actually pulling me it, actually actually that armrest that whole time just. Kind of pulled direction faced so it actually pulling, that’s how strong suction that means that it’s very. Powerful it’s pretty heavy vacuum hand to rest have, pretty for my hands rest the vacuum still being. Able to pull weight you can pretty much powerful, is so what want want to show guys describe. Guys the carpet pile that’s second strength mode music, music okay that felt like.

Bit more control. Wasn’t strong as it’s supposed really never going that, mode honest i’m really going carpet mode the whole. Time want the very last which wood floor and, let’s that works out applause okay just. Like thought have complete control over hardwood floor mode, hardened hard floor mode i should hardwood floors not. Everybody wood floor i felt like more control, on that then other so again depending what mode. Have that’s power it’s going suction the dirt everything, your very quickly want show guys to clean vacuum. What you’re gonna do is what before hold down, bottom.

Hold down this button bring we’re gonna do. Just surface want to explain guys this works, so here what have hepa filter which just really. Great because a hepa filter know when hear, hepa you just hear quality are familiar with filters. Know great they you’ve this little handle right down, here press that down with hand i’m sorry trying. Guys here are here hepa filter what can do, take this wash once in a while reusable. That saves you money right there ahead it back, okay want empty out all dust inside right. Up here you’ll little release button.

This says right, here dust release pull that and what you’re gonna. Pull it up just pull away from base, now you just this aside right here you’ll this. Latch you’re just gonna press this down you press, that down there’s little handle here you’re gonna. Push this make sure that over garbage and that, clean vacuum again all accessories comes with right here. Vacuum about three hundred maybe dollars that is the, shark rotator envy guys and have definitely recommend will. Upset and the best thing about that comes with, seven year warranty which is great they shipping.

. But this covers manufacturer defects and think that’s pretty, reasonable for a product seven years warranty is awesome. I’ve never anything with seven years warranty again, that was the envy shark rotator vacuum if i. Helped guys with detailed instructions details on this product, please leave like comment subscribe thank guys peace.

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