Sew Sweet Minky Consultant

Sew Sweet Minky Consultant

Sew Sweet Minky Consultant

Today we’re gonna making buck scuttle throws what, you’re gonna need couple yards luck scuttle this we’ve. Chosen luck scuttle hide seafoam you’ll need two yards, front back can choose different fabrics the same both. Sides either works you’re also going to need couple, tools you’ll need your walking foot you’ll need. Stiletto you’ll need wonder clips you’ll need flour head, pins we’re gonna take our two we’re gonna. Have i’ve used a smaller smaller cuts this obviously, these going be large yard cuts when it with. Blanket we’re gonna keep the selvages there we’re just, have exactly yard cuts.

Okay exactly yards new thing. Want make sure that we’ve running same direction we’re, gonna these together right sides together we’re going start. Top okay pinning this things to remember that this, stuff likes to move cuddle knit fabric will want. Curl move little on you we’re just going, like crazy make stay where want it to stay. Like start middle and these together edges so these, center then on the outer edges then pin in. Between gonna actually double pin like with cuddle projects, we’re gonna another row down here then when. Gonna sew across that going my walking foot.

Stretch, needle open stitch length just little bit and stitch. About half inch seam all the across sewing i’m, gonna take these pins i’m gonna leave these. Here hold my fabric nice steady while so once, i’ve sewn across the top then going side. Again and going to i’m gonna from that we’ve already, stitched down this edge back stitching gonna do that. Both both sides we’re going to stitch very, end so once i’ve tipped stitched and the side. oTher side from the down both those then, i’m going bottom then the bottom gonna each side. Just like i.

Sides gonna leave a hole middle, like to leave least hands width apart because you’re. Gonna need able to put your whole hand, there okay and mark with pins running the other. Direction know where start and stop here that, i’ve stitched then like little l reinforcement here make. Nice strong seam when stick hand in here doesn’t, break those stitches open once i’ve stitched the way. Around gonna turn inside out you trim these, corners you’d like don’t have then you’re gonna turn. Inside just stick your hand here turn going, pull it once you’ve it all turned.

You’re gonna. Use your little stiletto you’re gonna come along here, ruffle this luxe cuddle bring of the scene it’ll. Hide that side seam really really nicely okay, then you’re gonna come around bottom you’re going tuck. That here gonna pin it couple times then, we’ll just take some whip stitches close that shut okay. Once we’ve sewn that then we’re going come, back around with our walking foot still we’re. Going to stitch about inch away from edge to, give nice little stitched finish just used foot. On the sewing machine look that’s about inch, away.

Just keep this there it’ll it’ll give. It a really nice finish then you’ll have blanket, that’s easy too easy throwing along your couch super. Great weight it’s beautiful to work with it’s, quick easy blanket situation

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