Selke Fleece Blanket

Selke Fleece Blanket

Selke Fleece Blanket

Selke Fleece Blanket – I’m going share make a fleece blanket it’s fleece blanket, this cute braided edge instead know you’ve probably seen. Ones with tied edge fleece is really great, because doesn’t fray at make entire blanket without sewing. Gonna walk you through step step using a full, blanket here actually just have a scrap here. Show it’s the same idea just larger scale, when you’re making actual blanket this should give everything. That you’ll need make braided edged fleece blanket make, blanket will need coordinating pieces fleece a large ruler. Yardstick some really sharp scissors that’s amount of fleece, that need will.

Depend how big want your. Blanket these i just bought yard each color, of fabric each pieces of fabric about inches so after. Your each yard your fabric ahead make sure, trim off like selvage edges like this here these. Messy edges here you’ll want trim those make, sure everything straight again like i said about inches. It’s a little bigger smaller that’s totally fine this, size for lot blankets that were making for hospice. Patients this would also be a good size, make baby blankets so once have both pieces. Your fleece cut even want them on top.

Each, other right sides the fabric pretty sides fabric are. Going outside the blanket you’re going doing any turning, this lighter side then not pretty side putting. That on inside you’re gonna take your ruler and we’re, gonna cutting inch square each corner the blanket. Just that making a snip inch mark this, side another inches snip this side and then made. Roller way and just till have inch square each, side thing i wanted mention when you’re cutting out. Length width your blanket make sure just that, it’s whole numbers don’t want halves of inches when. You’re cutting.

You can either place ruler here, the top it’s really long your ruler doesn’t about. That long from one snipped edge over here, other snipped corner over here can actually just piece. Masking tape tape that along edge and that’s going, help too far then make straight line of cuts. Right here when you’ve this laid every inch, along this line here along edge you’ll want. To repeat that around entire edge of the blanket, make this inch by two inch fringe around. The whole edge blanket once you’ve that you’re going, to take each little individual fringe.

Piece and fold. Half like a smaller pair scissors this and just, snip right there middle you’re just making little. Snip i’m going that each layer snip through that, layer well just go along whole blanket making. Small little snips braiding part turned blanket over i still, have my i’ll print other side make sure you’re. Always working with both layers at once gonna, start one corner right hand side row and work. Left what you do with both pieces together, you’re going take fringe piece the left you’re going. Putting it through hole your right so through both, holes.

Both pieces a friend through both holes. I’m just going take this right corner of this, bottom piece left i’m sticking through right so then. This becomes hole the right going take next piece, over left that one through hole right then kind. Just give that little over and this piece, left going through hole right then this piece just keep. Continue like that keep going down line until, end and more easier it’s gonna when last piece this. Here ahead just continue around turn the blanket that, helps continue doing just same exact thing the corners. Might start bunch little bit.

That’s okay kind, give it a little kind of straighten will a little. That’s okay because it’s a blanket it’s gonna, nice soft and snuggly when it’s done once. You get back here this where started and i’ve, gone around the entire blanket you’re gonna this. Last tab just like normally would and then secure, we’re gonna going to turn and going separate these. Two temps going back this first hole right here, poke just one of tabs separated them put just. Through there going take these tabs double knot here, secure it and then take this kind of open.

. Blanket little and just tuck inside layers in there, then ahead and straighten that corner little bit more. It’s hidden inside thing so that would braided edge, fleece blanket some the tabs here might stick. Little bit more might like that you can kind, finagle make it more even move back you can. Just leave looks pretty i like better than, tied edge fleece blankets just looks a little more. Sophisticated pretty and just really like finished edge on, this blanket head over cutesy crafts there’s. Link the comments post about this blanket that might, give little more details I’ll have the measurements.

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