Sciatica Seat Cushion Walmart

Sciatica Seat Cushion Walmart

Sciatica Seat Cushion Walmart

Sciatica Seat Cushion Walmart – It’s the best robotic back massage cushion you will see.With a remote, a price you won’t believe.Plus, I’m giving one of these away for free.(gentle music)You have no idea how badly I wishI was sitting here right now.But don’t worry, I’ll do that as I unboxand put this to the test.Great to be with you.I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite.I hunt down the biggest dealsin the country, by viewer request.And your request was for one of these bad boysfor the holiday season, that actually droppedat its same black Friday pricing early.Why?A lot of retailers actuallylike to test out deals early to gauge customer demand,and then that helps them stock accordingly.And in my quest to find you the biggest deals,this item was located right under this video screen,just expand the video description box.Got a big giveaway coming up.But first, let’s put this to the test.All right, box this.You have the DC adapter, cigarette lighter for your car.

Not that you would necessarily wantto be this relaxed while you’re driving.But perhaps a passenger in your car.And then you have the massage chair itself.And the best way for me to show this to you,is to actually put it into action.And this can go on to any chair.Let me turn this around so you can see it.I’m just using a dinner table chair,but this works with any chair that you want.Your remote control that has all of the features,so if you want kneading, shiatsu, heat,you can control that, and the timing intervals,from the side remote.And what’s amazing about this massage chair,is you can see the massage nodes,robotically moving up to mimicwhat a real massage would feel like.And they are red right now because the heat is on.So you get that soothing, heating effect.This would be great for alleviatingany type of muscle tension.But if you wanted to switch to something,for example, on your lower back,you hit lower back on the remote, the nodes move down.

They can target your lower back, your upper back,right around where your neck hits, actually.You can alleviate a lot of the tension,and you can turn the heat on or off.You also have a vibration mode.Low, medium and high.So you can hear on the highest mode,the vibration right now.This is rigorous.I prefer medium or low, used in conjunction with the nodes.And this is an amazing massage.All right, now I am sitting down.And I will tell you, this is the closest thingI have found at this price point,to replicating what you would feelfrom a real massage therapist.And there are countless benefits to massage therapy,not just in terms of alleviating your stress,but your back pain, your shoulder pain.It’s all connected, right?So if you target the areas,that need a little bit of a helping hand,you can control the velocity.And that heat makes such a difference.The deep tissue kneading on this, absolutely spectacular.

Another distinguishing factorof this Naipo massage chair unit,is the bottom part that you’re sitting on, also vibrates.I don’t know if you can see my hand shaking a little bit.But this is where additional tensioncan be alleviated from your backside, your glutes.This cushion in conjunction with this, is a double whammy.If you get headaches, migraines, back spasms,before you spend hundreds of dollarson massage therapy or a physical therapist …Oh my goodness.(cheers)I will tell you right now, that out of all the itemsthat I’ve tested, and I don’t just mean sittingon one of those chairs at Brookstone or Sharper Image,if those stores are even still in business …This feels the closest to two hands kneading away.Grabbing that tension and helping you alleviate it.You could target different areasof your back, your shoulders.With the heat, it makes a world of difference.If you are someone that has …Oh, absolutely love this!A hard day at work, and you wanna relax a little bit.

If you are someone that has tension in your backor your muscles, and you want that alleviated,this thing is absolutely unbelievable.3D shiatsu deep kneading, ideal for your neck,your back, your upper shoulders, your waist, your glutes.This will relieve muscle tension.Eight rolling nodes can travel your full back.Absolutely amazing!It actually does feel the closestto an actual massage therapist.And the heat therapy makes a big difference.You get timer functionality, remote,foldable, easy to use, you can transport this.If you want to take advantage of this deal,just expand that video description box,located right under me.And I would love to ask the subscribers right now.At my age I have back pain.I move props, I’m constantly going back and forth,and running around like an idiot.I’m sure many of you are much more controlled when you run,but do you have any type of back issues?Where’s your pain?Is this something you would use,and what area would you target?

I would love to know what we share in common.I know that we share a lovefor savings in common, and freebies.And I am so excited that I now get to giveone of these away for free, to you.Using two buddies,random selection tool to find a subscriber,who has commented in the last six months,congratulations goes to Jean.Yes, you won!Oh, I think I almost just pulled something.That’s okay though, I can sit in thisand I’ll be fine, and you’ll get yours too.And I want to thank everyone for watching.Hope you like today’s deal.More tech items, more lifestyle items,right around the corner.If you are not yet subscribed, I want to hook you up.You could just click on my head right here,that will subscribe you to this channel.If you need help turning on your notifications,or leaving a comment, just click toward the headrest.And if you’ve missed my last big deal,just click one of the little lower back massage areas there,and you will be where you need to go.

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