Ove Toilet Reviews

Ove Toilet Reviews

ove toilet reviews

Ove Toilet Reviews – Congratulations on your purchase of the OVE Smart Toilet. Once you’ve unpacked your Smart Toilet, gently remove the seat from the ceramic bowl. You can do so by disconnecting the water tube and the electrical cord located underneath the seat. Please note the water tube is connected with a pressure snap-in system, which can be detached by removing the blue clip and pressing down on the outer ring. Using the rubber seal ring and the flange bolts provided, you can install the ceramic bowl onto your floor and waste pipe. Please make sure to follow your local plumbing code requirements during the full installation. Place the seat back onto the ceramic bowl, then reconnect the water tube and the electrical cord. Ensure, that the seat’s placement is secure and that it fits snuggly into place. You may now connect the water supply to your toilet and place the decorative plate on top of your water inlet pipe.

In cases where you do not have a matching water inlet pipe, we have supplied one with your Smart Toilet for your convenience. Next you may screw the shut off valve onto the inlet pipe and then connect the reducing valve to the shut off valve. Install the small water filter inside the supply line. Now connect the toilet supply line to the reducing valve. As a test, please open the valve and make sure it’s not leaking. If it’s not leaking, you may now plug the power cord into your wall socket. 10 00:01:40,000 –> 00:01:44,325 Upon first power up, the toilet’s blue light will start blinking and the nozzle will come out. The blinking light indicates that the bidet water tank is filling with water. A sensor in the toilet will stop the filling process automatically after approximately 1 minute when the tank is full. The toilet will turn ON automatically and once the beeping sounds and the flashing light have stopped; the toilet is ready to use! Your smart toilet comes with its own wall-hung remote controller.

You may use the remote control to access all of your toilet’s functions. When using the remote control, the toilet will emit a single BEEPING sound when you select a function. If you do not hear any sound, the toilet did not register the remote’s command so please press again. If the toilet emits a double BEEPING sound, it signals that you the desired function is currently inaccessible, or that you have reached the maximum or minimum level of the given setting. Some functions of the Smart Toilet are locked until the user actually sits on the seat. in this video, to trigger the smart sensor in the toilet seat, we will use a wet cloth to simulate a user sitting on the toilet. To activate the remote, press any key. The remote will light up signaling that you are now ready to start any desired function. For example, press the LIGHT button to turn the bowl LED light ON or OFF. Press the STOP button at any time to halt any ongoing function. The OVE Smart Toilet offers a customized experience, like a heated seat, heated bidet water and heated air dryer.

Press the desired button repeatedly to adjust the desired temperature, each function offering 3 temperature levels. Pressing the REAR BIDET button on your remote will activate a single jet nozzle for a powerful and precise cleaning session. Pressing the LADY BIDET button on your remote will activate the 4 jets nozzle function for a comfortable and cleansing widespread spray. The OVE Smart Toilet keeps cleanliness in mind with its self cleaning feature which automatically washes the bidet nozzle before and after every use. Press either the REAR or LADY bidet button to start your cleaning session. During the usage of the REAR or the LADY BIDET functions, you can adjust the nozzle position by using the FORWARD and BACKWARD buttons of the remote. There are 6 different nozzle positions available, to suit your needs. You can alternate between the static or moving functions by pressing the REAR or LADY BIDET button repeatedly.

You may also adjust the water pressure level during your cleaning session by using the remote control to access the 8 different pressure settings that are available. Please note that once you have reached the lowest level of water pressure, the water will come out from the base of the nozzle, this is normal. If you are using the highest pressure setting available and still require more pressure, press the AIR PUMP button. This will boost the pressure even more. Once you’ve finished your cleaning session, press the DRYING button on the remote to initiate the drying action. You may adjust the position of the blower by pressing the FORWARD and BACKWARD buttons. Furthermore, pressing the DRYING button a second time will move the dryer blower in a back & forth motion. Please note the smart toilet will flush automatically for you whenever you stand up.

Alternatively, you can always press the FLUSH button on the remote or the manual flush button on the right side of the toilet in order to flush the toilet at any time. Your smart toilet also comes with a control keypad located on the side of the toilet. Most functions can also be activated from here. Activate the ECO MODE by pressing the POWER button when not seating on the toilet. The toilet will reduce its electric consumption during off-use periods. Press the Power key again and your toilet will completely power down. In order to pull-out the nozzle for a manual cleanin , press the REAR BIDET button on the control keypad for 3 seconds while not being seated on the toilet. Finally, it is very important that the user NEVER tug or pushes the nozzle by hand.

This will potentially break the toilet and void the warranty. In the instance of a power shortage happening during the usage of the bidet or spray function, the nozzle will stay extended. The user should NOT push it back in manually and instead wait until the power comes back in which the smart toilet will retract the nozzle on its own. Even though you’ve viewed this video, it is important that you arefully read the instruction manual included with your smart toilet before installing and/or using it. If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding your new smart toilet, call our customer service. Any tinkering or tampering has the potential to void the warranty.

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