1700s Lantern

1700s Lantern

1700s Lantern

1700s Lantern – I would come downstairs show the different lighting devices that, have here james townsend let’s start with lamps lamps. In the century were very common more of household, kind light they would burn different kinds greases. oIl liquids like that that were flammable we have, different kinds lamps that sell there’s where grease lamp. These very simple open oil lamp they dripless design, they’re made here indiana they come with very simple. Wick arrangement these have a little extra here, bottom so if some does spill little spill into. That lower section these are fairly dripless also, have iron beti lamp.

This designed a very typical. Century style betty lamps this also made here, in indiana this handmade chain little iron pick here. That’s that you pick wick make longer when it, starts wear these great oil lamps also this. Also dripless design that comes wick always goes back, down into bottom where held doesn’t drip over edge. Also have rush light holder here this candle socket, also little like pliers grip holding rushes rush lights. Aren’t nearly common the americas they were england, in europe don’t sell rushes they’re a little more. Hard come with and make they don’t.

Last, very long even period rush light holders usually only. Stayed five ten minutes everyone needs candle lantern something, especially you’re going camping this wood frontier lantern it’s. Very simple basic style typical th century wooden candle, lanterns this one is pegged together the bottom take. This apart to replace glass panes they happen to, broken even the or pegged together easily taken apart. That these be maintained want make sure to metal, candle these and make sure have tall the candle. That flames would up to wooden part want something, slightly more elegant with the thinner wooden edges. Little bit more.

Elegant design heritage style it’s very, good that slightly more primitive maybe earlier style. Is the barn lantern barn lanterns have a punched, leather handle instead metal bail they have smaller glass. Sections this is generally attributed earlier time frames where, glass more expensive after wooden lanterns we’ve lanterns several different. Styles lanterns we’ve got round pierce style they’re very, sturdy fact that they don’t have glass break. Of light comes them because they’re just pierced really, with these these round moons have to open door. Light can come these come different sizes there’s medium, sized then there’s larger size they.

Come the brass. Like this brass ones are extremely sturdy they’re, probably twice the weight they’re really good you want. Them outdoor thing that stays outdoors time the brass, ones go these also piercings reversed instead piercings coming. The piercings then that makes it so polish these, next one is ship’s lantern they have glass front. Them instead that though a lot more light, comes tin sort reflects light sends out through glass. They have places on the back here mount, them on the wall very similar pierce gm lanterns. Every other the tin ones susceptible rusting and they, quite.

Warm if they’re them time final metal lantern. That we have four sided glass lantern these another, very typical th century style very common this style. Metal four sided glass lantern we have beeswax, candles both singles or impacts dozen they give. A really beautiful smell when burn them along with, candles also have standard candle pans well there. You have different kinds of lighting devices that have, here at james townsend whether it’s a oil lamps. Beeswax candles the different styles candle lanterns

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